Sunday Weddings

So You Are Planning a Sunday Wedding? 

If you have looked around at various wedding vendors, you may have noticed more available services and lower prices. If you are planning you wedding a bit late, sometimes a Sunday wedding is the only option to get the best vendors with a short notice. Because most weddings are on Saturday, a Sunday wedding or Friday wedding often receive a special discount!

Some Drawbacks to Sunday Weddings. 

Most Sunday weddings take place earlier in the day and end about 8:00 p.m.(or earlier) instead of the average 10:00 p.m. for Saturday wedding receptions. Since most people will have to work the next day, it’s best to not have your Sunday wedding reception end too late in the evening.

Since many churches hold services on Sunday, if want a church wedding on a Sunday, it maybe hard to find a church to accommodate you. You may have to look around to find an available minister as they may be busy with their own church on Sunday, or you can choose a non denominational minister who may be more flexible.

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Some Benefits/Tips of Sunday Weddings.

Many people prefer a daytime wedding and often plan their wedding ceremony or reception in an outdoor location. During the spring through fall, this is fine, but weddings during the winter may have problems due to temperature or rain. If the following Monday is a holiday, then a Sunday wedding will be almost the same as a Saturday wedding, as far as the timeline is concerned.

Availability for a reception site or other wedding vendors and services and often lower prices are the biggest advantages. Sunday or Friday wedding prices are usually offered at a reduced rate compared to a wedding on a Saturday. The best wedding tip is to plan early.

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